Doing what you ‘should be doing’ in your career?

This mid-career online program is a compass to give you the clarity and action plan you need

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Need a way out?
A way up?
A way forward?

You need a

I know you're smart, so you've probably already:

  • Done some personality profiling tests to work out what you ‘should’ be doing
  • Told yourself "it’s not that bad, I can stay here for a bit longer"
  • Spoken to your manager about opportunities in your current place of work
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Now imagine if you had...

  • Peace of mind that you're heading in the right direction
  • A way to check all career opportunities against your own personal checklist
  • A great answer when people ask you “what's next for you” or “what you do for work”

Great news! This online program is here to help with just that.

We help you create a blueprint for your own career.

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s not quite sure if they’re in the right place professionally.

It includes some interesting and thought-provoking exercises for self reflection. Really enjoyed it.”

— Kelly


Introducing Your Next Step

How does it work?

I bet you think this is going to require weeks or even months of your time and that's why you've been putting it off.

Great news. You can do it in 1-2 hours!

  • No soul searching journaling
  • Not watching endless tutorials
  • Just 6 straight forward steps that work

And best of all, it will cost you less than a fancy dinner out with friends. And by the way, you get lifetime access to the program.

Instant Access $149

“WOW! This was informative, challenging and so helpful.
It includes a very detailed and organized worksheet that you can work on while the lessons progress.

Emmy has such a positive and encouraging attitude. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a new job, changing careers or going through a mid-life crisis.”

— Roann


Who is your coach?

Hi, I'm Emmy. A career coach and minimalist with a love for travel and adventure.

I am passionate about helping people just like you unlock what's next in their career to truly enjoy and connect with the value they add.

I've enjoyed a varied career of different roles myself and know first hand how rewarding it is when you find the place that's right for you.

Because yes, it is possible to truly love what you do!

Now back to YOU!

Mid-career is actually a great place to be.

The thing is, most of us learn by doing, and sometimes we have to try a bunch of things to work out what we don't like so we can find out what we DO like.

Watching your career pass you by? No more.
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“I would highly recommend Emmy if you need clarity on your goals and direction!

The structure of the program is clear and concise. It allowed me to gain an understanding of how and what I am motivated by, and how to tailor this to achieve a different outcome and direction in my career. If you are feeling stuck or little lost, this program is definitely for you!”

— Sarah


Get instant access to all this!

  • 6 structured and proven career steps with easy to follow exercises
  • Clarity around your values, strengths, profile and core needs
  • Templates to use for your CV and cover letter
  • Draft a map of your personal career plan using our template
  • Easy to use workbook to track your progress
  • Bonus videos covering a range of topics to help you in the workplace

30 day money back guarantee

We want to make this a 100% risk free purchase for you! If you are not happy with the online program, simply contact us directly within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund the full amount that you paid for the course.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee