5 things to do right now to get there faster:


FREE online event on Tuesday 19 December!

Ready for a new job in 2018? Not sure where to start and feeling low on energy?


Let’s be real here. Most people spend December every year ‘making it through‘ until Christmas. I’m sure you’ve one that some years too.

Even though it might feel impossible to work up the energy to start taking action now, you might also be asking yourself the simple question – Where and how do I start looking for a new job? I know you’ll probably need some extra energy for this, so I’m going to help out with that.

Come join my FREE online event on Tuesday 19 December at 8 pm (AEST, UTC+10) where I’ll give you the 5 steps on how to transition into a new job faster!


Tuesday 19 December at 8 – 9 pm (AEST, UTC+10). Attend live and/or make sure to register to get access to the recording after the call.


  • A big boost of energy and inspiration!
  • 5 key steps you can follow and complete before the holidays (and if you want they are also good to think about over your holiday break as well)
  • Any career/job search related questions you might have answered during Q&A

You don’t have to put this off until January. You and I both know you deserve to plant the seeds now for an big boost to your career next year!

Who is Emmy Petersson and how can she help you?

Emmy is an action focused coach and certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner who has worked with people in transition between countries, career changes and challenging life situations since 2013.

She’s a believer in breaking things up into manageable steps, and brings her extensive work experience from a range of countries and industries to help clients focus on what really matters for them. Emmy is a seasoned expat, originally from Sweden, and her travels have taken her across the world including Europe, Asia, the U.S. and the U.K., before she made Australia her home in 2010.

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