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What is career transition coaching?

Transition coaching helps you prepare emotionally for a career transition or other big change in your life. Many of our clients come to us because they feel stuck, lost or confused with where they are at and struggle to see where to go next. Through coaching we make sense of what’s happening, highlight the individual skills and strengths and make a clear plan together. Common topics we work through are fear of the unknown, lack of belonging, procrastination, perfectionism, lack of clarity or direction, relationship challenges and overwhelm.

Coaching is a completely judgement free, confidential and safe space where we work together on the best mindset and action plan for your individual challenge.

We strongly believe in taking action, so all of our products and packages are solution-oriented to give you specific steps on how to move forward to create the life that you really want and grow into the next version of YOU. Instead of focusing on the ‘why’ and spending too much time in the past, we aim to get really clear on what needs to change and how best to move you forward.

How does it work?

To ensure that we’re the right match for you, we start with a free short chat over the phone so that we can get to know each other and chat about your unique situation.

If you are not sure if 1 on 1 coaching is for you, we have a few different online resources and programs to get you started as well.

If you decide to work with us on an individual basis, we’ll help you choose the best coaching program suited to your needs, which for most people is 3 – 5 months. Then we meet up regularly for our sessions face to face (in Melbourne) or over Skype/phone/Zoom. Every time we get together for a session, you’ll receive some action steps to complete before our next session. This is to help move you closer to your goals and keep you accountable.

Much like with a personal trainer, you have to be willing to do the work involved to improve, or you won’t see the results you’re after. A coach is always working with you to keep you accountable to your vision, help you stretch and grow and make the most of the transition ahead. 

How long does it take?

It depends on your individual situation and the type of transition you’re going through of course, but most clients work with us for anywhere between 3 – 5 months and during that period most clients prefer one session (about 60 minutes) every 1 – 2 weeks.

If you prefer to learn in your own time and choose not to work with a coach 1 on 1, we do have some online programs and resources which are helpful tools to get you started. Usually our clients see the greatest benefit and fastest progress when working with us 1 on 1.

What’s the difference between coaching, counselling and mentoring?

Coaching shares some similarities with counselling and mentoring, but what we focus on and how we keep the client accountable is a bit different. Coaching is about drawing a line in the sand and looking forward. To focus on the “how” and “what” without spending too much time dwelling in the “why” of the past (although we sometimes make a quick visit to resolve things that might be lingering and holding you back).

Mentoring is a personal development relationship where you work with a more experienced or more knowledgeable person to help guide you to learn and develop skills in a specific area (professional or personal).

counsellor will generally work with a client for a longer period of time (months or years), whereas a coach is more keen to keep it short and sharp and get you moving towards your goals in only a few sessions. Our goal as your coach is to help you with tools, tips and strategies that you can manage yourself (and maybe even help friends and family who struggle with the same things you did) and be fully accountable going forward for the results you see in your life. In short – we’re here to help you with the ‘how’ so you can get on with it!

As you might have guessed coaching is for people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and committed to move towards the life (and move) that they really, really want.

Is coaching over phone or Skype less effective than meeting face to face?

We used to ask this ourselves, but after having worked with our coaches and clients over the phone many times, we can honestly say that the results you get depend only on your commitment to the session itself and the changes and actions you take following the session.

We do a lot of our coaching over phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom and it actually has many benefits. The coaching sessions can be held anytime, anywhere in the world, fitting into your schedule and lifestyle. We have worked with clients in both Australia, South America, Asia, the US and Europe over phone and Skype and noticed amazing transformations in all of them.

Is there a governing body for coaching so that I know you have the legitimate training?

Yes, our coaching certification and training is subject to the strict ethical guidelines outlined by the International Coach Federation and The International Coach Guild.

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