So you’re moving overseas?

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I am an expat moving to a new country

With many years of long periods of travel as well as many relocations up our sleeve, we know how hard and exciting it can be to come to a new place. We also know that even though you think a big move is mainly practical – it’s actually more emotional than most people realise. The best transitions and relocations start with a strong mindset and knowing that it will be different. Most people think preparation can eliminate all uncertainty. Unfortunately it can’t, but it can help if you work with our programs. That’s exactly why we put this free video series for you to get you started with “The 5 steps to moving overseas“. Click below for access to the program or to find out more about our relocation support services.

I am an employer of expat staff

When you hire expat staff there are a few things to consider. On the one side they bring new skills, experience and energy into your company and the role you’ve hired them for. On the other hand you also need to help them settle in, and the quicker they do – the more they can deliver. Many employers forget that it’s not just about a house and some plane tickets. It’s about culture clash, business culture and personal coaching as well. It’s a small investment that will pay dividends in terms of productivity and well-being! We’ve found that it’s helpful for employers to check that they have covered all key areas to get the best experience for them and the staff member. Below you can download the checklist to make sure you’re on track!

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