Expat staff will land faster and perform better with cultural coaching.

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7 keys to a happy move for expats

Online Relocation Support Program

This relocation program is the ultimate shortcut to help your new staff member and their family prepare before they’ve even left their home country. We have bundled practical action steps to deal with emotional challenges and give them all they need to get moving. Across the 5 sections we cover the practical things they need to do, when they need to do them as well as lots of tools on how they can cope with any challenges that come up along the way.

Corporate Cultural Arrival Program

In order for the relocating staff member to land as quickly and smoothly as possible, it involves both practical and tactical support from you as the employer. With more than 14 years of hands on relocation experience we know what the individual and their family are going through. Our arrival program includes:

  • Two half day cultural coaching sessions on arrival to Australia with the staff member and individual family members
  • Unlimited email support to staff member and their family before and after the move
  • Full access to the online relocation hub 
  • Travel & relocation resources to track their progress

Additional coaching sessions can be added onto the package depending on individual needs. Some employers choose to offer our career coaching program for the accompanying partner. 

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