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Career Transition Coaching Program

Time to change? This career transition program is for anyone who is committed to create change in their career and life now. It’s designed to give you big change in a step by step action plan over 10-12 weeks. We help you unpack:

  • Your strengths, interests and what you’re naturally good at
  • Deals with key obstacles that has held you back in the past
  • A step by step plan on how to set goals that matter for YOU
  • Provide regular check in, accountability and adjustment of how you’re tracking

The program is delivered 1 on 1 (just you and your coach) and can either be delivered face to face (in Melbourne) or via Skype/phone. We provide all the tools and as well as online access to support for you to get the most out of the program. Each of the 6 modules has prep work to be done before each session to keep moving you forward in a balanced and structured way.

The Next Step – Online Program

It’s time to do something you’re actually passionate about and this online program will show you how! It’s a practical path from confusion, overwhelm and unfulfilling work to something far more exciting and rewarding.

  • Online profiling tools and exercises
  • 8 sections packed with videos to help you move forward with your learnings
  • A tailored and comprehensive workbook to ensure you stay on track during the course
  • Templates to help you optimise your CV, cover letters and Linked In profile
  • Bonus video section covering culture challenges at work, personal brand and more
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