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The power of focus

To focus on the few things that really matter can be very challenging at the best of times. But once we realise the power of focus, we can achieve pretty much anything we set out to do. I mean it [...]

Time to decide

A New Year and new opportunities. New decisions to be made. Super exciting and yet so scary for many people! I’m not one for new years resolutions, but I tend to pick 1 or 2 focus areas for [...]

Underneath it all

The festive season is here to fill our social media feeds with parties, smiles, holidays, family time and champagne. It’s such a great time to be with your loved ones, relax and refocus.  [...]

An hour of power

Most people say it takes a long time to create powerful change. I would agree that it takes time to implement it, but it does not take long to get started. Over the past few weeks I’ve [...]

Change and judgement

Whether we like it or not, all of us judge others at times. Even more often we judge ourselves for what we did or did not do and when we go through change this need to judge seems to multiply.  [...]

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