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Transition support and coaching

The only constant thing in life is change. Big change can happen quickly, or take a long time. It can be initiated by you, or it can happen to you.

We believe everyone needs a bridge from one side to the other. We value integrity, action taking, responsibility and having fun in all the work we do!

The Bridge Coaching provides the tools, resources and support to make sure you get to the other side and that you do so comfortably.

About Emmy Petersson

Emmy is an action focused coach and certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner who has worked with people in transition between countries, career changes and challenging life situations since 2013.

She’s a believer in breaking things up into manageable steps, because every single person can benefit and grow from big transitions.

Emmy is originally from Sweden and her travels have taken her across the world including Europe, Asia, the U.S. and the U.K., before she made Australia her home in 2010.

Check out this short video to get to know Emmy a bit more!

Emmy Petersson The Bridge Coaching
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