Life transitions are inevitable. We help you make them awesome.

We believe that anyone can go through big change – so we help people get moving. Most importantly we know that transitions help people evolve into who they really want to be. That’s why we enable people to create smooth and lasting change in their career or life.

What’s your challenge?

I want to work with a coach and find a career that suits me

I am an employer wanting coaching for my team members

I am an employer with expat or international staff members

Changing careers can be difficult!

We love working with people across all walks of life in their transition between careers and/or countries. 

Since 2012 our programs have helped countless people choose the career and country that helps them get to the core of themselves and live a fuller life.

  • Being coached by Emmy was absolutely life changing. As a coach myself, I can say that you can’t see the spot you are standing on and until you do you can’t change it.

    By listening and sharing suggestions, Emmy was wonderful at being able to get out of me insights and understanding of where my fears and beliefs really stood. Her ability to adapt to the situation, to be playful and caring enabled me to change, to reframe and to give different meanings that became so much more empowering. She helped me discover who I really am and I am so thankful for that.

    I highly recommend Emmy for anyone who is ready to get the results they really want.

    Nathalie Gevinti Unlimited Mindset Solutions, Melbourne
  • Prior to starting coaching sessions with Emmy, I was in a very dark place. My long term relationship had ended and was causing me great stress and anxiety – my world had turned upside down completely. On top of this, I was stressed with work and I was my motivation levels were low and my attitude was negative – it was debilitating.

    Over the last 5 months Emmy has been incredibly encouraging and positive. As a coach, she has taught me tools that I can apply to my everyday life and I’ve learned how to cope with daily “stresses” with ease. I finally learned to ask myself the question “How does this serve me”, break down the greater problem at hand and allow myself “me time” without feeling guilty.

    My outlook is more positive than it has ever been and my personal and professional life is in a much better position.

    A huge thank you is owed to Emmy for her time, patience, persistence, encouragement, tireless effort and endless positivity. I would highly recommend Emmy to anyone.

    Sarah Recruitment Consultant, Melbourne
  • Wow is the word I would have to use. Since having just two sessions with Emmy, I feel completely different. It's actually hard for me to believe that I even had blocks when it came to money. I can't feel any resistence to going ahead and creating the adundance I deserve now. They have vanished.

    Emmy made me feel so safe which exactly what I needed to be able to dig deep and get rid of what was holding me back once and for all. I feel blessed that I was put in contact with her and can only highly recommend her coaching abilities.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Emmy.

    Leanne Zecchinati Australia
  • I would like to thank Emmy for the coaching sessions and the online relocation program we have had, I highly recommend her!

    Her method is very effective, helping me to focus my energies and providing many helpful tips to achive my desired relocation goals in my personal and business life.

    The online relocation program is very well structured and Emmy was always willing to help and clarify any questions I had!

    Marcos Albuquerque Brazil to Australia
  • When I started the coaching programme with Emmy, I was holding on to negative past experiences, uncertainty in dealing with certain types of relationships and relating to aspects of myself that confused or worried me.

    My experience of our sessions was very positive. Emmy skillfully guided the session and seamlessly took us both on a journey of working through the issue at hand using various coaching techniques.

    After only three sessions, I’ve noticed that several of the issues we discussed have simply vanished. I feel lighter and better equipped at dealing with difficult situations. I’ve been to see counsellors at different times in my life, and this is definitely the quickest, and most long lasting, results I’ve seen.

    If you have the opportunity to work with Emmy - do it. She just may change your life!

    Woman, 32 London, United Kingdom
  • A BIG thank you to Emmy for our 6 coaching sessions. Your coaching has pushed me to tackle a bunch of different things in life – in a different style than I normally would. At times the projects we set were challenging and frankly I sometimes didn’t want to do them. However once completed I felt relieved and extremely happy.

    I’ve come a long way with my fitness, relationships and finances. In our 6 sessions I have managed to kick a huge fitness goal and my perception of relationships has been defined. Thank you for being one of my guiding stars Emmy!

    Arlene Melbourne, Australia
  • I was searching for some direction in regards to my professional career and felt that I lacked the time and incentive to dedicate to moving forward. Professionally this meant that I had reached a point in my career where I felt I could progress no further and the situation had become negatively stagnant.

    After just a few sessions with Emmy I felt that she had provided me with the ability to expand and replenish my toolkit and increase my ability to focus on and interpret any issues and obstacles I now face with an entirely new perspective.

    Since my sessions with Emmy I have successfully managed to take the appropriate steps to changing careers and moving towards a life of increased fulfillment both personally and professionally.

    Casey Faganel Melbourne, Australia
  • When I first contacted Emmy my work life had taking a turn, not in a positive way. This was my first experience when it comes to coaching and it was really positive. It was interesting to start thinking in a different way and see my daily thoughts and routines in a new light. To have started to develop the ability to see things in new perspective is mind boggling.

    Emmy is easy to talk too and has a positive and problem solving attitude - and that was something I really needed. I feel more positive and structured and I have received good "tools" to keep this process going.

    And also I'm surprised that it only took few sessions to notice the difference. I would recommend this to anyone who has found themselves in a rot or just want to see life in a different way and need a extra push to be able to change.

    Evelina Sweden
  • As someone who had previously never considered working with a coach I would now recommend it to anyone who wants to take their life from “good” to “great” and beyond!

    I found the process of working through different ideas with Emmy to be highly beneficial. She suggested different ways to think about things, provided practical tools to help the process and offered valuable insights. The changes I have implemented as a result of my sessions with Emmy have not only made a difference to my day-to-day life now but will continue to be valuable in helping me achieve my long-term goals as well.

    Possibly the best part about working with Emmy, though, is her relentless energy and positivity. She excels in creating a relaxed atmosphere and fostering openness and clear communication.

    Tom Sydney, Australia
  • The relocation program is fun, interactive and packed with useful information - even for an experienced traveller as myself. Emmy is excellent as she guides you through the most difficult questions and feelings  a relocation will stir up.

    From the support given in the videos and tools in the workbook, I have managed to make this overseas move a successful one! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make their new adventure a great experience.

    Anna Sweden to Australia
  • I highly recommend Emmy as an awesome guide and support in the creation of change and growth in your life.

    I appreciate most her willingness to go the extra mile and ask me the questions I was too afraid to ask myself, and the belief she consistently showed in me and my goals. With Emmy's help I have had so many positive changes in my career, my life and my relationship with myself!

    Thank you Emmy for your honesty, caring and 100% commitment to me and my journey.

    Janine, 34 Geelong, Australia
  • Before my sessions with Emmy, I felt stuck, less in touch with my authentic self and I was not being able to move forward. I knew I had to renew my thoughts patterns and Emmy reconnected me with my deepest values. She showed me through our consulting sessions that some of my previous life choices were not aligned with the real 'ME' therefore I had to redesign my life and find alternatives.

    I have now implemented the learnings and I will always be grateful. Emmy was supportive, friendly and extremely professional throughout the process.

    Viviane Laigle
  • I came to Emmy at a difficult intersection in my career, I was unsure of what steps I could take to progress from my current position and didn’t know how I could move into a more of a leadership position with my organisation. Emmy was able to help me deconstruct the issue and identify the tools I needed to progress. We then work through an action plan to overcome the challenges facing me, providing me short and long term goals.

    Even after our first session, I noticed an immediate change in how I worked professionally and felt more empowered to make choices, lead a team from junior position and drive projects in the workplace. I’ve also noticed improved personal relationship as Emmy’s coaching has provided me with the tools to identify and work the best with the different personalities  I come across day to day.

    Stuart Melbourne, Australia
  • Over the last months I was very unsatisfied with my life and I was not motivated in my job. After having given a lot in my previous relationship and having received a huge disappointment, I was completely closed and not interested in meeting new people. I had the impression that my life was not leading to anything concrete, but at the same time I was not able to tell myself what I wanted to change and how.

    I have always been skeptical of psychological therapies and deep analysis about the past, since I think that what happened is gone and cannot be changed. I definitely found in Emmy the right balance to help understanding the reasons behind some behaviors and identify concrete actions to change what I don’t like.

    In only 6 sessions I was able to gain some incredible tools I can use every time I need some inner strength and to connect to my goals and what I want. With very practical visualization exercises Emmy has helped me understand what I should focus on and how to get where I see myself in the near future.

    Marta New York, U.S.A
  • My first contact with Emmy was when I moved back to my home country after I was living for nearly five years abroad. I was a bit scared of how I would feel returning to my home country and I wanted to be prepared for this new (old) chapter in my life. I really loved Emmy’s knowledge about different techniques, approach to issues that I raised and energy.

    Interestingly, I contacted Emmy because I was seeking for some support as I was moving back to my home country. However, after this topic was clarified for me, our sessions were filled with a lot of career advice and exploring different techniques – and I got much more out of our sessions than I expected or was hoping for at the beginning!

    I feel empowered as I know that I can trust the decisions that I make. I learned lots of great skills which I am excited to explore now and to kick some goals. I would recommend Emmy to everyone who wants to learn great skills that are empowering and that help yourself to become your best version.

    Tanja, 38 Australia to Germany
  • For those of you on the fence, you can trust Emmy and the process she has created. Already committed to making change before I met Emmy, I started talking to knowledgeable people, watching documentaries & Tedtalks, attending courses & workshops, and listening to audiobooks.

    I new that would achieve change and was skeptical that a coach was even necessary. Looking back, it has been a crucial component in my transition. Emmy has facilitated my journey in ways that I wouldn't have thought. Sessions are personalized, adaptive, pointed, insightful, and can bring something to the table that books and documentaries won't: connection, compassion, momentum, and accountability, to name a few.

    There is an overwhelmingly massive amount of personal growth material available to consume. Emmy has already spent years of distilling information and experience into a process that can fast-track your growth. She is a great coach and a wonderful person. Thank you Emmy.

    René Melbourne, Australia


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